Stop the Retirement Rip-off: How to Avoid Hidden Fees and Keep More of Your Money

Stop the Retirement Rip-off: How to Avoid Hidden Fees and Keep More of Your Money

[Read and download] Stop the Retirement Rip-off: How to Avoid Hidden Fees and Keep More of Your Money

The Article : Saving for retirement is a difficult task, especially during these challenging economic times. Individuals who participate in their retirement plans are being charged billions in fees annuallymdash;and no one is looking out for their best interestsmdash;even though the laws say both plan sponsors and employers should be held responsible for acting in their employeesrsquo; best interests. The fact is that unless individuals are willing to stand-up and secure their financial future, theyrsquo;re likely to face less money in their retirement plan accounts and have to work longer to accumulate the funds they need for retirement. In Stop the Retirement Rip-off, author David Loeper provides the necessary tools for readers to take action and make the most of their retirement plans. It offers a road map for employees to understand the fees and costs associated with their plans; as well as improve their standing within their company by proactively helping their employer to take needed action. The book features a non confrontational positive approach to bringing your retirement plan problems to the attention of your employer. Written in a straightforward and accessible style, Stop the Retirement Rip-off provides readers with sensible strategies for making the most of their retirement funds, and will put them back in control of their financial future.

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