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The Option of an Oil Tax to Fund Transportation and Infrastructure (Occasional Papers)

(Ebook free) The Option of an Oil Tax to Fund Transportation and Infrastructure (Occasional Papers)

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de Jong, M. & Bus, A. (2002). Quality of book-reading matters for emergent readers: An experiment with the identical e-book in a regular or electronic format. Journal of Academic Psychology, 94(1), one hundred forty five-one hundred fifty five. 1. Learn the table of contents. Familiarize your self with the primary ideas of the ebook. In a lot of books, the desk of content material is lengthy sufficient to be able to gather enough info to understand the details of the book.

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Read Snippet : Federal spending on surface-transportation infrastructure outpaces federal taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel. Increasing fuel efficiency means that fuel-purchase expenditures have dropped, so real revenue generated from these taxes has declined. A percentage tax on crude oil and imported refined-petroleum products consumed in the United States could fund U.S. transportation infrastructure.