Readymade CVs: Winning CVs and Cover Letters for Every Type of Job

Readymade CVs: Winning CVs and Cover Letters for Every Type of Job

[FREE] Readymade CVs: Winning CVs and Cover Letters for Every Type of Job

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Book Note : This best-selling guide sets out the ground rules for preparing a CV by showing how to select which details go in and which stay out, how to lay out and present a CV and how to make a great first impression. It includes sample CVs for a wide variety of jobs: practical, creative, administrative, sales and marketing, technical and management, with online template CVs and covering letters ready for you to download and customise. Readymade CVs also looks at specific ‘tricky’ situations such as getting your first job, returning to work after a career break, continuing in work as a mature employee or after retirement. With the addition of action words and positive phrases to help you put together the perfect CV for any job or situation, this is a truly comprehensive and indispensable resource.